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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Clip Review: Dirty AA Sponsor Part 1

Starring: Cameron and Seth
Length: 7 mins
Price: $7.99

Seth is in a bad way and he's turning to his AA sponsor, Cameron, for help.  He's already had a relapse - he started smoking weed again, and he finds himself in a bad relationship that he can't get out of.   Cameron agrees to help, but before Seth can resume his path to recovery, he's got to change his ways… Cameron decides to use a radical approach with Seth to shock his system - he uses Seth's balls.  Seth seems a bit hesitant, but his desire to make amends is strong and he quickly finds himself complying with Cameron's instruction as he proceeds to strip off his clothing one layer at a time until at last, he is completely naked - and all the while, taking hit after hit to his family jewels.  At the end of this clip (Part 1), both Cameron and Seth are naked together as Cameron bends Seth over the couch…. whatever could his AA sponsor have in store for him next?

This is another example of some quality acting between Seth and Cameron.  The boys find a way to make the dialogue light and fun, and yet sexy at the same time.  Many of the ball strikes look a bit light, but Seth doesn't over play it, and on a few occasions, his reactions register a bit of surprise - which appears genuine.  Is it possible that after shooting so many bb scenes, these boys might be enjoying their bb-model jobs?

Best moment:
At 1:24 Cameron tells it to Seth straight.  He's in a bad relationship and he's already had a relapse - now "something needs to happen," before he gets dragged down any further.  Seth tries to equivocate, "I don't see what you're getting at -"  WHOMP! Cameron swings the Big Book between Seth's legs, causing the binding to ram into Seth's tender baby-makers.  Then Cameron proceeds to lightly rap his knee into Seth's groin, stating as he does that "these aren't going to do anything for you until you get it straight in your head."  "But that's my main asset right now."  Seth says with a knowing smirk.  "What, you mean these?"  Cameron asks, firing another knee in to his soft man-mound.  Seth groans, "shit," as he grabs his crotch.

Things to watch out for:
1. Seth and Cameron get naked together as the clip progresses.  It's always fun to see a hot guy strip, and it's even better when they are taking kicks and knees to the nuts along the way.  For example, at 2:30 Seth sees Cameron taking off his shirt and asks if that's part of the program.  It doesn't take long for him to do the same, and by the 6:15 minute mark, Seth and Cameron work their way down all the way to their birthday suits!

2. Mixing pleasure with pain - at 4:50 Seth is sitting down on the couch with his legs spread as Cameron rubs his dick through his underwear.  "That feel good, familiar?  You're used to that with her (his girlfriend)."  Seth looks up at his sponsor and grins boyishly.  "Yeah, what about this?"  Cameron asks, this time grinding the heel of his foot in to the soft pouch of Seth's undies where his balls reside.  Seth groans and slumps to the side.  "Maybe it's time we start associating this,"continuing to grind his heel in to Seth's plums, "with this," Cameron ended by rubbing the ball of his foot against Seth's cock.

Bottom line:
We all would have started cruising AA meetings years ago if we knew what they were getting up to…

4/5 nuts

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