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Friday, April 20, 2012

Clip Review: Soccer Penalty – Spanking

Starring: Cameron and Jake
Length: 9 mins
Price: $8.99

Spanking M/M

Oh man, what a disaster! Jake worked so hard to get back on the soccer team, remember? He busted the coach's balls again and again, and he even made him cum! He worked so hard and he showed great talent at kicking balls! But to what avail? Coach Cameron gave him a second chance and he just threw it away. He fucked up a very simple penalty kick and lost the game for the team... What a loser! Of course Cameron is disappointed - but what can you do? Well, Cameron has a pretty good idea: "You are not off the team - but you are about to get punished!" Is there any better way to teach a young, hot soccer player a lesson than give him a good, old-fashioned spanking? Cameron makes Jake bend over and slaps his ass. After a few minutes, he tells Jake to strip off his shorts, and he continues slapping the living hell out of Jake's cute bubble butt until Jake has learned his lesson...

Uh oh. You really don't want to mess with Cameron! He is utterly convincing as the angry coach who enjoys punishing the hapless soccer player a tad bit too much... And Jake is doing a great job, playing the role with a nice mix of stubbornness and defiance - but somewhere inside he just knows that he has let the team down and he deserves what he gets.

Best moment:
The dialogue is top-notch in this one: "I like that sound... smack", Cameron grins, smacking Jake's impeccable butt, "you smack your girlfriend's ass when you're fucking her?" Jake groans, "Fuck, yeah." - "Yeah? Like how? Like that?" Cameron continues spanking Jake with great glee. Jake mumbles something that sounds like "Bitch." Cameron grins. "You make her your bitch?" - "I said, you are a bitch", Jake replies. "I don't know", Cameron grins, "I think you are in the bitch pose right now..." A little later, Jake mumbles something and Cameron grins: "You'll get me back? I hope so... How's that going to happen?" - "Don't worry about it", Jake mutters. "Don't worry about it?" Cameron smiles. "I'll fantasize about it, how 'bout that?" (starts at 5:37)

Things to watch out for:
1. Dirty talk. Coach Cameron doesn't just spank Jake, he humiliates him with naughty comments: "You're gonna have one red ass when I'm done with you!" - "That's one tight ass... Flex that ass for me!" - "You can take it, these are just love taps!" - "I want you ass to be sore when you go to bed tonight. I want you to think of me!"

2. Dangling dick. The camera gets some great shots of Jake's long cock dangling and barely touching Cameron's thigh. It looks fantastic as it swings back and forth with every hit to Jake's ass.

Bottom line:
You better not fuck up the next penalty shot, Jake, or your butt will be in for a wild ride...

4/5 nuts

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