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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Clip Review: Cameron Spanks Seth – Dirty AA Sponsor Part 2

Starring: Cameron and Seth
Length: 6 mins
Price: $6.99

M/M spanking

After softening Seth up in Part 1 with a series of kicks and knees, Cameron takes his role as Seth's sponsor to the next level and spends the full length of the clip swaddling the young stud's ass until his cheeks are as pink as the petals of a rose blooming in spring time.  Half way through, Cameron decides to change things up and has Seth lay over his lap - which is made even more interesting for the fact that they're both naked as the day is long, and each smack most certainly results in Seth grinding his cock and balls against Cameron's leg.  The clip ends with Cameron withdrawing his hand from Seth's firm butt, and tells him to put his clothes on - after all, they have a meeting to go to!

Action in this clip is limited - Seth first gets his ass smacked standing up and then later he is bent over Cameron's knee.  The dialogue in this one is a bit sparse too - but what is there is well done and believable - which is probably for the best, since it makes it easier to focus on all that spanking action going on.

Best Moment:
To be honest, it's difficult to pick a "best moment" for this clip.  It's a solid performance from the models to be sure, but there really isn't any one moment that seems better than the rest.  What we can say is that Seth's willing compliance throughout the clip is SUPER SEXY.  **Sigh**  If only we each had our own "Seth" in our lives… well, Lance would probably be out of a job, but until we all get our very own mail-ordered-stud, we're gonna keep watching!

Things to watch out for:
1. Cameron's hand-print.  Throughout the clip Cameron slaps the heck out of Seth's tender backside, and more times than not - you can actually see the imprint of his hand on Seth's cheek.  It's nice to see him going for it… and we can only hope he'll use that same enthusiasm when he changes target on to Seth's juicy plums.

2. We couldn't help but notice the way Cameron caresses Seth's cheeks between each strike… he really is getting in there, massaging the deep tissue… it makes us wonder how deep he'd really like to go? (2:30)

Bottom Line:
The relationship between sponsor and sponsee have never been pushed quite so far in the name of recovery….

3.5/5 nuts

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