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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Clip Review: Seth And Cameron Foot Play

Starring: Seth and Cameron
Length: 8 mins
Price: $8.99

Male Feet

This clips is one long, steaming hot, sensual fantasy. Seth and Cameron are lying on the couch, their feet touching, and they are up for a bit of foot play. After Seth has ground his socked foot into Cameron's balls and dug his heel into that bulging pouch of Cameron's grey underwear for a moment, Cameron starts slowly undressing Seth's foot while Seth is stroking himself through his underwear, enjoying every minute of it. We're witnessing a foot strip tease here, as Cameron lifts the white sock bit by bit, kissing and licking the parts of Seth's foot that he has uncovered. Finally, the sock comes off and Cameron takes his time tenderly sucking on Seth's toes one by one until he takes a whole mouthful, trying to get as many of them into his mouth as he possibly can. He extends his tongue, lovingly licking the sole of Seth's foot, and, judging from the look on their faces, both of them love every single second of it. Both of Seth's feet get their fair share of Cameron's attention, and he massages a bit of massage oil into them to get them nice and slippery. It's great to see both Cameron and Seth really get into it, with Seth rubbing his hard cock in his black briefs and using his oiled up foot to caress Cameron's cock inside his underwear. This scene is electric with sexual tension from beginning to end!

Okay, maybe we're naive here, but it seems to us that Cameron and Seth are really into each other - and Cameron is a foot lover if there ever was one. Watching him go to town on Seth's feet is incredibly hot. His eyes are closed and he breathes heavily as his tongue caresses Seth's feet, and it looks like he's never gonna stop...

Best moment:
There's a flow and a tension in this clip that makes it seem almost profane to pick a specific scene and rip it out of the context. But if we have to pick one, it starts when Seth gives Cameron the little bottle of massage oil. Cameron licks his lips and pours a little bit of it over Seth's toes. He massages them until they are glistening and shiny, and then he continues sucking and licking... Hmmmm... (starts at 4:25)

Things to watch out for:
1.) The look on Seth's face. There are moments in this clip where Seth's face makes us wonder if there's such a thing like a foot orgasm. (We are new to this kind of action, so we really don't know - and if anyone of you can tell us more on that, we'd appreciate your input...)

2.) Beautiful feet. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we know, but to us, Seth's feet are things of pure beauty, with rosy soles and cute little toes - and when Cameron starts coating them in oil and saliva we can't help but get just a tiny bit hungry...

Bottom line:
Seth's feet will make your mouths water.

4.5/5 nuts

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