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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Clip Review: Another Businessmen Foot Fest

Starring: Cameron and Lance

Length: 8 mins
Price: $8.99

Length: 7 mins
Price: $7.99

Length: 16 mins
Price: $13.99

Male Feet

Lance and Cameron are two business men back in town together and looking for a mid-day distraction from work.  They both have fond memories of their last meeting, in which they spent idolizing each other's feet and ended with Cameron using his feet to milk a nice big load out of Lance. This time there's no need to play coy, and the boys jump right in to action.  In part I, Cameron bumps in to Lance, already striped of his shoes and socks in hopes of having a repeat the success of their last encounter.  Lance goes right for it, and immediately starts to explore Cameron's naked feet with great detail, and soon both men are stripped down to their underwear and grinding eachother's cock and balls as they suck, kiss, and fondle each other's feet.  In Part 2, action gets hotter when Lance pulls Cameron's boxer-briefs off and suggests he grabs the bottle of lube.  Cameron readily complies and is treated to a long, sensual jerk off session before finally grabbing Lance's feet and rams his love-pole between the soles of his feet.  Cameron pumps and thrusts like there's no tomorrow, working himself in to a frenzy until he hits the point of no return and blows his wad on to Lance's feet.
We love it whenever we get to see Cameron and Lance together on screen.  They always have such fantastic chemistry together!  So much, in fact, that it's not always clear to us when they're actually acting... one thing's for sure, that huge cum shot at the end sure is real ;-)

Best moment:
It's predictable, but tried and true... Cameron's cum shot is a thing of beauty! (Part 2, 7:03) Cameron really grunts and groans as he works it out, until finally he is rewarded with a big, thick batch of his baby-batter is spilled all over Lance's feet.  Hmmm, so white and creamy....

Things to watch out for:
1.Two sexy guys in suits!  Meetings would be a lot less drab if they included studs like Cameron and Lance.  With these two running the office, work-place attendance would drop down to zero!

2. Lance gets in to it too! Apparently he can't help himself, watching Cameron take his feet to task with his cock.  Lance lies back, massaging the boner in his underwear and enjoys the show! (Part 2, 5:28)
Bottom line:
Getting down to business never felt so good!

4/5 nuts

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  1. It would be interesting to make videos with ear pulling and with kicks in the butt!