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Friday, March 9, 2012

Fan Fiction: Load Of Work 1 - Behind The Scenes Of "Dirty Boxing"

Lance put down the camera. "That was great, guys! Nice job!"
Brent was still down on the ground, cupping his crotch with both of his glove-clad hands. "Dude, you really got me!"
Derek laughed. "Come on, that last one didn't connect at all..."
"I wish", Brent groaned.
"Hey", Derek grinned. "I usually feel your nuts right on the tip of my toes when I kick them." He kicked high into the air. "Squish!"
Brent moaned.
"I got you good a couple of times, huh?" Derek chuckled, circling him, jumping up and down.
He could still feel the adrenaline rush. This had been a great shoot. Sure, he had taken a couple of nasty hits, but that didn't matter. He liked shooting with Brent because they both shared a love for acting. Granted, this clip hadn't required much of that. Basically, they had just improvised a couple of minutes. It was like sparring with a buddy - a buddy who liked to deal out some low blows just like Derek himself.
"You sure did", Brent mumbled, rubbing the bulge in his green briefs with his gloved hand.
"Come on, let me have another go", Derek laughed, playfully punching Brent's shoulder as he was squatting on the floor.

"Not today, no", Brent said. "I got another shoot coming up and, frankly, I want to be able to perform..."
"Oh, what is it?" Derek asked, throwing a few punches into the air.
"It's a jerk-off competition for Jerky Girls", Brent said, his face lighting up. "I've been looking forward to it all week. Lance is coming, too."
Derek grinned. "Getting jerked off by a couple of hot girls, huh? Nice!"
"I'll say", Brent smiled, getting up. "I saved up a nice, big load of cum and I'm gonna hose those girls down like there's no tomorrow..." Brent's voice trailed off as he imagined his hot nut butter hitting some cute girls' faces.
Derek chuckled, causing Brent to snap out of his daydream and throw Derek an angry look.
"A big load, huh?" Derek grinned.
Brent nodded and smiled. "A week's worth of nice, pure man juice. Dude, I can't wait to shoot it into some lucky girl's face."
Derek looked at him. "Do they swallow?"
Brent sighed. "Not this time. It's a competition. Lance and me are gonna jerked off by two different girls. The girl who manages to make her guy shoot his load first is the winner."
Derek adjusted his crotch with his boxing gloves. "Sounds like a fun game to me..."
Brent nodded. "It's called 'Beat the cock' and I'm sure it's gonna be great."
"Beat the cock, huh?" Derek seized his chance and threw a quick punch into Brent's groin, making Brent scream in pain and go down immediately.
Derek laughed.
"Hey, save that for the camera", Lance chuckled. "You can't just punch him like that! You have no idea what the Jerky Girls will do to him if he can't get it up..."
"Oh, I have a pretty good idea", Derek chuckled, walking up to Lance who out the camera back into the box. "You are there, too, huh?"
Lance looked at him. "Yeah, so---"
He was interrupted by a nice, hard kick to his balls.
Derek felt Lance's meaty balls flatten between his foot and Lance's pelvis.
"Fuck", Lance groaned.
"Ooooh", Brent laughed, forgetting about his nut pain for a second. "That was a good one... You could hear his nuts go splat..."
Derek chuckled. He assumed his boxer's stance again and growled, "I know how to beat 'em!"
Brent let out a laugh and stood next to Derek. "Come on, give him another one. Then I might have a chance at beating him in the competition..."
Derek grinned and let his hand sail back into Brent's crotch, crunching his nuts into his body and making him let out a choked whimper. "Nah", Derek chuckled. "I don't want him to fire me, you know."
Lance straightened, grimacing, and ran his hand through his hair. "Right, Derek."
"We have an other shoot coming up, right?" Derek asked.
Lance groaned and nodded. "As soon as we are back from the Jerky Girls shooting... We'll do some stuff with you and Brent."
Derek grinned and looked at Brent. "See? I can't let him fire me right now..."
"But I'm sure", Brent croaked, "showing Lance how good you are at kicking nuts will not cost you any jobs around here..."
Derek thought for a moment. Then he shrugged and delivered another kick to Lance's vulnerable balls. "You are right", he grinned quickly turned around. Brent's eyes widened as he lifted his knee up between his thighs, connecting with his nuts dead-on.
Both Lance and Brent collapsed on the ground, moaning.
"Beat the cock", Derek smiled. "Oh man, you'll both be lucky if those bruised nuts of yours will be prepared to give up their content... May the best man win!"
Brent and Lance let out a long, soft moan.
"See you later", Derek chuckled, "after you have shot your loads. I wonder what it's like to kick a pair of empty balls..."

to be continued...

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