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Friday, March 9, 2012

Clip Review: Van Teaches Cameron How to Grapple Dirty

Starring: Van and Cameron
Length: 11 mins
Price: $9.99


This clip differs from most found on Man Up because it arose from a tussle that developed in between shoots.  Luckily Lance had the camera rolling, and so the first minute of the clip contains footage of Van and Cameron fooling around on the mat.  Soon, Van is seen instructing Cameron on the best way to subdue an opponent, taking time to show the proper holds and takedowns - but all his moves seem to end the same way - with busting his opponent's balls.  Cameron is a quick learner, and by the end of the clip both models are trading blows at each other's gonads.  It should be noted, that this clip is listed under "gay wrestling," but it includes some ball busting.

Van and Cameron have great chemistry together and the improvised nature of this clip makes everything they do on camera look natural.  Ball shots are a bit light in this one, but that is compensated by the dialogue and the great interaction between these two models.

Best moment:
With Van's arm pulled across Cameron's neck, he demonstrates a choke hold while simultaneously rapping Cameron in the nuts with the back of his heel.  Van comments, "you keep hitting him in the nuts, which distracts your opponent from the real pain around his throat, or you can just make him not have kids…" (Minute mark 2:35)

Things to watch out for:
1.) At 4:11 Cameron has his arms and leg wrapped around Van's body while trying to jab his heel in to Van's nuts, but he keeps missing!  Seeing Cameron is having trouble making his kicks connect, Van grabs Cameron's foot and repositions it against his groin.  What a considerate friend!

2.) Van is a patient instructor and has a great attitude all the way through the clip, always willing to offer up his nuts to get knocked around.  One example starts at 5:25 when Van cheers Cameron on after successfully subduing him and getting a knee in the nuts shouting, "Perfect, Again!"

Bottom line:
‪Two friends share a friendly tussle around the mat - but if you want to see nuts crushed, go to a peanut factory.‬

4/5 nuts

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