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Friday, March 30, 2012

Clip Review: Training The Boxer

Starring: Seth and Cameorn
Length: 9 mins
Price: $9.99


Cameron is a young boxer seeking advice on how to increase his strength from Sensei Seth. The sensei has rather peculiar methods: After demonstrating a couple of defense moves, he starts kicking and kneeing Cameron's nuts. Fortunately, Cameron sees that it's all for ther greater good, so he goes along with it. The sensei throws him onto the couch and treats him to a couple of knees before he allows Cameron to return the favor and throw in some knees of his own. In between practicing the moves, Seth makes Cameron, telling him to spread his legs, which offers great opportunities for more ball abuse in the form of kicks from behind and from the front. In fact, the sensei has a fun way of finding stretching positions that leave Cameron's balls unprotected - and he's not afraid to take advantage of that... Finally, Cameron is on the ground, on his back, his right leg held by the sensei who stomps and grinds his bare foot into his balls, making Cameron scream in agony.

It's always fun to see Seth kick some balls, and we love the cute expression on his face when he tries to nail Cameron's nuts just the right way... Cameron patiently endures all the strange things Seth makes him do, and Seth comes up with a lot of different ways to have Cameron assume a vulnerable position. It looks like those two like those two really like working with each other, as they break character a couple of times, chuckling and laughing.

Best moment:
In one of the stretching positions, Seth has Cameron stand in the middle of the room, raise his hands in the air and lean back. "Put your arms up towards the ceiling", Seth says. "And then try to look back at the wall behind you. Lean back." Watching calmly, Seth waits until Cameron has found his balance. "Go farther. There you go..." Then, he starts kicking Cameron's balls hard almost a dozen times. Cameron struggles to stay in his position, letting out groans of pain. (starts at 4:15)

Things to watch out for:
1. Work those toes! When Seth has Cameron lie on his back, he grinds his naked foot into Cameron's crotch and squeezes the balls with his toes. He digs those toes into Cameron's bulge in a way that makes us wonder if he is able to handle a typewriter with his feet...

2. Surprise! Cameron is sitting on the couch, practicing defense moves with Seth aiming punches at his upper body. Suddenly, Seth kicks Cameron's nuts, obviously catching Cameron off-guard and making him let out a miserable groan. We don't know if that move was planned, but it sure looks like Cameron is genuinely surprised...

Bottom line:
Suddenly we feel the urge to go to our local dojo again...

4/5 nuts

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