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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fan Fiction: Load Of Work 2 - Behind The Scenes Of "Frat Hazing Part 1"

source: Jerky Girls

Derek looked at his watch. Brent and Lance had been for more than an hour now, shooting a clip with some crazy girls in a jerk-off competition. How long could it take for some hot girls to jerk two horny guys off? There was another shooting scheduled and he couldn't wait to bust Brent balls. After all, it was a bit unfair that Brent got to do such a fun clip with Lance while he was sitting here, waiting for them to come back. Why had Lance taken Brent and not him? After all, he had a nice cock that could definitely compete with Brent's. He wiggled his toes as he tought about squishing Brent's genitalia into his body. He looked at his foot, remembering the size of Brent's cock as it made contact with his instep, and mumbled, "My cock is definitely bigger than his."
Suddenly, the door opened, and Brent and Lance entered the room. 
Lance had a huge grin on his face.
Derek looked at him. "So how'd it go? Able to perform after I busted your balls?"
Lance chuckled. "Sure! I won!"
Brent rolled his eyes.
"Shot a nice big, load", Lance grinned and playfully slapped Brent's crotch.
Brent groaned and grabbed his junk.
"And they didn't even let him finish", Lance smirked.
Derek let out a laugh. "So that week's load of cum is still in there?"
Brent looked up just in time to see Derek's foot sail into his poor pair of cum-filled marbles, crunching them good and making Brent wail in pain.
"Bad case of blue balls", Lance grinned.
Derek nodded. "I see." He thought for a moment. "We can't let you shoot a clip with a pair of blue balls, right?"

Brent groaned. "Fuck, dude, I was so close. That bitch that jerked me off just didn't do it right. I'm so full of cum - if I snooze it'll run out my nose..."
Lance and Derek laughed. 
"You'll live", Lance grinned. "This clip's the last one for today. After that you can get some release..."
Derek moaned and took off his jeans, stripping down to his skimpy green briefs.
Derek chuckled. "Poor boy..."
Brent shot him an angry look. 
"I bet those blue balls will hurt so bad if I kick them..." Derek grinned.
Brent turned to Lance, a pleading look on his face. "Can't we just change the plot? I mean, he doesn't have to bust my balls, right? I can just as easily---"
He was interrupted by a hard kick from behind that connected perfectly with both of his full testicles, crunching them into his body. Brent's eyes widened. "Dude", he whimpered in a high-pitched voice. "My nuts!"
Lance looked at Derek and shook his head. "Come on, man, leave him alone. He's feeling bad already for losing to me in that jerk-off contest..."
Derek shrugged. "Too bad." He brought his leg back and powered another kick between Brent's thighs. His toes connected with Brent's nuts, ramming them into his pelvis.
Brent let out a retching sound and his eyes crossed as the pain set in.
Lance looked down at Brent's crotch, and an amused smile appeared on his face. "Now look at that", he grinned as he saw a wet spot on the front of Brent's briefs. "Let me get the camera ready... One more kick and he'll shoot his load in his pants..."
Derek's face brightened. "Okay", he grinned.
Brent moaned.
"Wait a moment", Lance said, reaching for the camera. "This will make for a great clip."
Derek shrugged, took a step back and kicked Brent's nut hard from behind.
Brent's mouth opened in a silent scream as his balls were squashed between his pelvis and Derek's instep. He looked down in horror as he saw the wet spot on his briefs widen. "No", he whispered, his abs contracting as his cock shot his precious load in his underwear.
"No!" Lance shouted, realizing that he had missed the moment. He shot Derek an angry look. "Damn!"
Brent was panting and moaning as he unloaded his sperm into his briefs, the wet spot growing bigger and bigger, cum oozing out the leg opening and running down his thighs.
"Yuck!" Derek grimaced. "That's gross..."
Brent gingerly grabbed his soaking wet briefs, whimpering and groaning as he tried to comfort his nuts without doing any further damage.
"Great", Lance said, rolling his eyes. He sat down and crossed his legs, waiting for Brent's orgasm to subside.
Derek watched Brent, grinning. "Well, that load is taken care of..."
Brent didn't hear him as he felt his cock let out one last ooze of semen. "Damn", he whispered as he thought about all the nice things he could have done with all that cum.
Derek looked at his watch again. "Okay, let's get started. We haven't got all night."
Brent looked up at him, horrified. "You can't bust my nuts now."
Derek shrugged. "Sure I can. Just watch me."
"But my briefs are wet!" Brent said, looking at Lance.
Lance sighed. "Put on your cargo pants and let's get done with it..."
Brent whimpered and did as he was told.
"Don't be a pussy!" Derek grinned. "Don't worry. I'll just stomp them a little. Maybe I can squeeze another load out of those suckers..."
Lance rolled his eyes and reached for the camera. "Get ready, boys. Frat Hazing Part 1."
Brent sighed and sat down on the sofa. "I'll get you back", he said to Derek as he grabbed a book and pretended to read.
"Not tonight, buddy", Derek grinned.
Lance sighed. "Ready?"
Both Derek and Brent nodded.
Lance nodded. "Okay. Camera rolling."

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