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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Clip Review: Nutball Victory Bust Part 1

Starring: Seth and Cameron
Length: 5 mins
Price: $5.99

Hot off his victory from their game of Nutball, it's time for Seth to give Cameron his punishment.  What ensues is four and a half minutes of pure bb bliss.  The kicks and knees in the beginning seem a bit light, until the boys reach their pacing, and then things immediately get interesting when Seth begins to first tap, then smack and squeeze Cameron's tender goolies.  Half-way through the clip, he pulls Cameron's naked nuts out and then goes to town on them.  No cup, no clothes, just pure fist/finger-on-nut-action.  This is a truly superb clip for anyone who's interested in ball squeezing and fondling.  Then toward the end of the clip for Part 1, Seth directs Cameron to the couch and strips him of his undies and announces, "Now with the pain, comes a little pleasure."  Then he grabs Cameron by the ankles and slides his foot between Cameron's legs just seconds before the clip ends.  But what will happen in part 2?

Seth and Cameron's acting in this clip is top-notch as is the dialogue.  Just one example at 0:30 when Seth commands, "spread those legs, bitch,"  as he grips Cameron's shoulders tightly and hammers his knee into his co-star's nuggets.  Priceless!  They either really are starting to get the feel for ball busting, or they're just great actors.  Either way, win-win, right?

And we have to take a moment to point out that there is really good camera work in this clip.  The director/producer/and man behind the camera, Lance, gets in some really nice, tight shots.  A great example is at 1:25 when Seth alternates between grinding his knee - to slapping Cameron in the balls.  No doubt about it, there is plenty of contact, and Cameron's reactions are perfect - exactly what you'd expect from a guy who just got drilled in the nuts!

Best Moment:
Starting around 2:00 Seth alternates between squeezing Cameron's nuts, then gives his nuts a few slaps before turning his attention to his dick, flicking and batting it around like the way a cat toys with a mouse, before returning back to his balls, landing moderate slaps to the underside of Cameron's baby-makers.  Then Seth does something utterly FANTASTIC.  "Let's get those plums out."  He grins as he liberates Cameron's family jewels from his underwear and begins pulling and kneading on Cameron's nutsack like a lump of dough.  All that attention seems to take a little something out of Cameron, and you can even see him grab on to Seth's shoulder for support as Seth works on his manhood from both ends!  Seth keeps a firm grip on Cameron's testicles with one hand, while holding on to the end of his nob with the the other.   (~ minute mark 2:40)

"It's like elastic!  How much farther can they go?"  Seth taunts and pulls down on Cameron's nuts harder as he extracts a continuous stream of grunts and groans out of Cameron. 

A moment later while the ache is still raw in Cameron's testicles, Seth compliments his costar by stating that he's got some "tough man plums."  Cameron laughs and admits that he never should have lost the nutball game - but as Seth so aptly put, there are consequences to losing.

Things to watch out for:
1) At 0:46 Seth slaps Cameron's fruit basket full on from underneath a few times, and the camera angle is perfect so that you can really see the outline of his plums getting knocked around.  "That was rough man."  Cameron groans.   Seth smiles and responds by rubbing both Cameron's balls and his dick through his shorts before laughing and asks, "do you like that?  I know you do." "You like it,"  Cameron laughs.

2) At 1:35 After just going through a rapid string of nut-strikes, Seth and Cameron take a break and start massaging their groins in unison - though clearly for different reasons.  "Those were tough!" Cameron exclaims with a grin.  Seth watches Cameron rub his sore nuts and fondles his manhood.  "Your giving me a chubby."   Us too boys, us too…. ;-)

3) At 3:22 Seth says, "I bet you're wanting to pay me back right now, huh?"  To which Cameron replies simply, "we'll get there."  Man, we hope he's right!

4) At 3:55 between knees, Cameron admits, "this is starting to feel good actually."  No kidding?  So that isn't a roll of quarters in your skivvies?  Seth decides to give him what he wants, and slaps his naked nuts have a dozen times for good measure.

Bottom Line:

If you think that boners, naked ball slaps and squeezes are the best thing since sliced bread, then go on and get yourself a jar of peanut butter and jelly and go to town on this one!

5/5 nuts

Preview video (provided by Lance himself over at ballbustingtube.com)
Get the clip now from Lance’s clip Man Up store.

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