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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Clip Review: Seth and Cameron Foot Worship

Starring: Cameron and Seth
Length: 11 mins
Price: $9.99

WARNING: This clip contains M/M foot worship, however, there is some heavy ball and cock play.

Cameron continues to break the new guy, Seth, into being a model for Man Up.  For this clip it means that he's introducing Seth to some foot worship.  After smearing some strawberry-flavored ointment on Cameron's foot, Seth goes about fondling, massaging, and even sucking Cameron's foot, while Cameron reciprocates the attention by rubbing, grinding, and jerking Seth off through his shorts.  All the foot-play get's both guys heated up pretty quickly, and then Cameron pushes things to the next layer when he shimmies his foot up in to Seth's cute, black boxer briefs and starts working over Seth's naked valuables.  That REALLY get's Seth excited, and it doesn't look like would be capable of holding out long before exploding inside his underwear, but before he even can, Cameron pulls his foot out of Seth's undies and reminds him that "they have more scenes to do."  Seth looks a bit dejected, but he takes it like the trooper and jumps off of the couch with a huge boner.  Hopefully the next scene doesn't involve him getting busted with a pair of big blue balls… though, that might not be the worst thing in the world ;-)

Cameron and Seth have a great rapport on camera and it shows!  They do great in clips like this where they're sort of just "reacting to each other."  It just goes to show you with dialogue… sometimes less is more… and hotter!

Best Moment:
After several minutes of 'over the undies' action, at 8:27 Cameron slips his lubed-up foot into the leg-hole of Seth's tight, black boxer-briefs and grinds Seth's soft, meaty man-meat underneath his toes.  Seth's balls actually slip out through the hole and Cameron takes his time with them, before moving on to Seth's thick cock.  Hmmm… based on Seth's response, we think it's safe to say that his moans weren't based in agony, but pleasure…

Things to watch out for:
1. The bulge in Seth's undies grows.  And seriously, who could blame him, with all that bumping and grinding?

2. At several times Seth grabs Cameron's foot as it grinds against his manhood and pushes down even harder on it. Then at 2:20, Seth asks Cameron to step on his dick - to which Cameron quickly obliges.  From Seth's reaction it's pretty obvious that Cameron's toes feel amazing against his hard rod, and he groans, "Yeah, right there."

Bottom Line:
Thinks are heating up between Seth and Cameron - so much that one wonders, is Van off somewhere g to get jealous?

4.5/5 nuts

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