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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Clip Review: Ballbusting Mafia Tales (Part 4)

Starring: Derek and Nito
Length: 10 mins
Price: $9.99

Vinny is tied up and still sore and worn out from his session with Brent (in Part3), when suddenly Derek enters the room.  The boxing champ is the last person Vinny expects to see, and his surprise quickly turns to fear when he finds out Derek is there on behalf of the mob boss.  Now that she shoe is on the other foot, Vinny drops his 'tough guy' attitude and pleads for mercy while Derek takes great delight in busting his 'not so tough' balls.  Derek mixes things up, throwing jabs, kicks, and even pliers at Vinny's nuts as the bound gangster is left squirming against his bonds with no hope of protecting his precious gonads.

Half way though the clip it is revealed that Derek made an agreement with the boss - ff he reports back with one of Vinny's testicles in a jar, all his previous mishaps would be forgiven.  Derek takes great delight at tormenting Vinny but after spending the majority of the clip nutting the poor guy, Derek reveals that he plans to show pity on VInny and let him go… but before he does, he takes a few more shots at Vinny's balls before exiting, leaving the tortured thug to figure out how to escape from his bonds.

Nito and Derek have been in enough clips at this point to be considered pros.  Both of them do a great job selling the scenario, though some of the closeups show that Derek's hits were really connecting… which begs the question, how much was Nito acting vs. how much was he just reacting to getting his balls wracked?  Either way, it makes for a VERY hot clip!

Best moment:
One of the hardest busts in the clip is when Brent plants' his foot square against Nito's groin and actually lifts him off the ground.  Nito's body contorts in agony as his feet dangle at least a foot off the ground as his testicles are compressed between his body and the heel of Derek's foot.  It's probably the worst bust of the clip…. until Derek does it again with his left foot.  (Starts at 5:30)

Things to watch out for:
1.) Derek has a great attitude all throughout the clip.  It's not all about revenge for him.  He takes his time and has fun, trying out a bunch of different ways to bust Vinny's balls.

2.) Derek returns in the scene wearing his trademark black boxer-briefs.  The choice of attire seems a bit odd. Then again, he looks great in them, so we're not gonna complain.

Bottom line:
Sometimes revenge can taste like a swift kick in the nuts.

4.5/5 nuts

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  1. The second I get paid, I'm getting this clip. That lying on the floor with your foot in someone's crotch is an insanely hot position. If only Johnny was doing it. He's totally my favorite model. I wish I was open enough about my fetish to actually follow him on twitter, lol. But yeah, this clip looks amazing.