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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Clip Review: Nutball

Starring: Seth and Cameron
Length: 5 mins
Price: $5.99


Is nutball an olympic sport yet? Honestly, we don't know. With all those youtube videos of guys hurling balls at each others' junk we have high hopes for the Summer Olympics in London this year. The US Nutball Olympic Team should seriously consider asking Seth and Cameron to join them, because it's quite obvious that those two guys are nutball enthusiasts. The clip starts right in the middle of the game. No build-up, no talk, just balls flying at balls. There are some misses, and some great hits that inevitably have one guy squirming and the other one cheering and laughing. Lance takes on double-duty as cameraman and commentator ("Right to the d-head!" - "There you go!" - "That was like 'You sunk my battleship'..." - "Maybe dick, no balls.") and raises the stakes in the middle of the game: "Let's make it interesting. Next one to get 5 hits on the other guy does the busting in the next clip... If you win your balls are safe for the next clip." It's a tight race, and the end result of 5:4 has both guys get their fair share of nut pain...

There's little acting required here. Seth and Cameron really get into the game, trying to nail each others' nuts, and joking and laughing the whole time. This clip feels like Cameron and Seth took a break from shooting to have a bit of fun. We just love their attitude!

Best moment:
With Seth leading 4:2, Cameron has a bit of catching up to do. He delivers right away, and scores a direct hit that leaves Seth screaming, clutching his crotch and squirming on the floor. Cameron cheers as Seth writhes in pain. (starts at 4:35)

Things to watch out for:
1. Lost and found. After the match, Seth points his index fingers at his stomach and groans: "That's one there and one there..." We're glad you found them, dude!

2. Ab action. The bodies on those two guys are a sight for sore eyes. And apparently playing nutball works wonders for your abs: The guys' muscles clench with every throw. Perfect workout!

3. Fun! Seth and Cameron are really enjoying themselves here, and the room is filled with laughter when some poor pair of nuts is hit. That's the way we like it...

Bottom line:
Fuck ESPN - this is some sport that's really entertaining!

Preview video (provided by Lance himself over at ballbustingtube.com)

4/5 nuts

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