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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Clip Review: Wrestling in Underwear for Gas Money Part 1

Starring: Kyle and Cameron
Length: 10 mins
Price: $9.99


Oh boy, there's always trouble with the gas money, huh? Last month, Troy gave Theo a spanking session he won't soon forget, now Cameron and Kyle wrestle each other for the gas money... They start out by stretching their legs, looking positively hot in those tighty-whities. After that, we're in for some wrestling. The two hotties roll around on the ground, with Cameron having a slight advantage over skinny Kyle, leaving Kyle no choice but to go for the balls. He squeezes Cameron's balls hard, and Cameron retaliates by getting a good handful of Kyle's junk. There's some ball-slapping and some light knees to the nuts - but Kyle is no quitter! He fights back and proves to be remarkably strong - especially when he goes after Cameron's balls. The clip ends without a winner - and we can't wait for part 2.

There's very little acting involved here. But, seriously, who needs an Oscar performance when you have two half-naked guys rolling around, panting!?

Best moment:
In the middle of the fight, we are treated to a nice, long close-up of Cameron's hand grabbing Kyle's junk. Cameron's fingers dig into that delicious bulge in those tighty-whities, and he asks, "You're not giving up, yet?" - "No", we hear Kyle answer, muffled by Cameron's body covering his face. "I'm not a quitter." Atta boy! (starts at 5:13)

Things to watch out for:
1.) Underwear. Oh, we love tighty-whities. And Cameron and Kyle look great in them! Their junk jiggles around and their asses look fantastic. They may not win any wrestling championships - but they sure won our hearts!

2.) Attitude. Kyle isn't nearly as strong as Cameron, and we can't help but admire his attitude. If we were in Kyle's place, we would have given Cameron the money and be done with it - after all, the odds of him winning are pretty slim... Congratulations for standing your ground, Kyle!

Bottom line:
Lance, please don't even think about giving those guys more money! ;-)

4/5 nuts

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