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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Clip Review: Photo Shoot from Hell Part 2

Starring: Cameron and Kyle
Length: 16 mins
Price: $14.99

After a photo shoot gone bad ( Part 1), Cameron is still a little steamed and confronts Kyle about their busting session.  The cute youth admits that he actually enjoyed the ball busting!  That's all Cameron needs to hear, and he promptly strips Kyle back down starts fondling his juicy nuggets.  Then to our surprise - and great pleasure - Kyle reaches over for Cameron's nuts too!  "Go ahead, give me a squeeze," Cameron says, as he squeezes Kyle's balls even harder.  Moments later, Cameron has Kyle pressed up against the wall, kneeing his nuts again and again while instructing him to grab his dick.  The two exchange knees for a while, until they move over to the couch and Kyle lubes up while Cameron knees, squeezes, and steps on his balls. Of course, Kyle gives as good as he gets, and once he has a nice, firm hold of Cameron's nuts, he squeezes them for all their worth while Cameron moans in pain and pleasure.  Then the two spend a few minutes jerking off each other, before finally Cameron blows his load all over Kyle.  When he's done he drags Kyle off the couch saying, "You don't get to cum, because you fucked up the shoot!"  Then he presses Kyle up against the wall and knees his fully loaded balls over a dozen times before finally giving it quits and Kyle is left cringing on the floor, holding his nuts and covered in Cameron's spluge!

Kyle comes across as a sweet, shy guy who genuinely enjoys ball busting, which is just fantastic!  It's always the quiet ones you have to look out for!  Cameron does a great job as a ball buster, but it's also great to see him take so much pleasure in getting busted as well.  Is it possible that his indoctrination is now complete after working with Lance all this time?  Whatever the case may be, keep it up boys!!!

Best moment: 
Just around the 10 minute mark Kyle reaches over and cups Cameron's balls from underneath before giving them a series of long, powerful squeezes.  Cameron moans as Kyle pulls on his manhood, but it would appear that those moans were more from pleasure than anything else, considering the fact that his cock is rock hard and throbbing throughout the scene!

Things to watch out for:
1. A friend in need... at one point are kneeling on the couch and facing each other and jerk off together.  It's always nice to see a guy go out of his way to help another out, and with these two hotties, it's quite the treat indeed!  (Approximately at 11:20.)

2. 'Tis always better to give than receive... Cameron has appeared in dozens of Lance's clips, both as buster and bustee - though some have argued that his best roles are when he acts as the buster.  To be honest, it's hard for us to decide, because we love Cameron in all his clips! But in this clip he really seems to pull out all the stops - not only as a first class buster, but he also seems to take great pleasure in being on the receiving end of some busting!  Throughout the clip he encourages Kyle to get a hold of his plums and really take them to task!  What a trooper!

Bottom line:
If a photographer tells you that you need to drop your drawers and jerk off on camera, don't believe him.... unless it's Cameron!

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