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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Clip Review: Dungeon Janitor

Starring: Kyle and Cameron
Length: 9 mins
Price: $8.99


Good help is hard to find - especially when you have a dungeon where you might forget the odd model tied up to the wall board... Some people might freak out or call the police - but when you've got Kyle as a janitor you don't have to worry one bit. He'll make sure that the poor model gets a thorough treatment just like he deserves it... The scene opens with Cameron tied up and barely conscious, and Janitor Kyle walking into the room. "Oh, they left me another one here", he says matter-of-factly, and he knows just what to do. He puts his broom on the floor and starts kicking, kneeing, squeezing and slapping Cameron's naked nuts, making poor Cameron cry out and beg for mercy. But don't be fooled by the shy smile that's on young Kyle's cute face all the time: Mercy doesn't seem to be his strongest suit as he continues pounding Cameron's nuts. After a while, he even uses his broom stick to bust Cameron's balls, making them bounce up and down. (In the clip description, Lance mentions that they had to stop shooting after one of the broom busts because it was too hard for Cameron.) Then it's back to kicks, knees, squeezes and slaps. And Cameron starts to enjoy the rough treatment he gets ("Yeah!" he shouts and spreads his legs even further.) And Kyle enjoys playing the dominant part - but he has to get back to work, so he leaves Cameron tied up and begging to be untied, but not without giving him some playful slaps with the broom stick. Ouch.

Kyle does an expert job at making Cameron hurt. The kicks (sneakers and barefoot) and knees are great, and we especially enjoyed the slaps from underneath which seem to be Kyle's favourite move. It looks like Kyle really enjoys grabbing Cameron's junk - and it's great to see a model who doesn't shy away from getting their hands on another man's naked genitals... And Cameron is great as the victim who is torn between enjoying the treatment he gets and wanting the spontaneous session to end.

Best moment:
Kyle playfully strokes Cameron's cock , grabs and slaps his balls a couple of times. Then he steps back and aims a few light kick's at Cameron's junk. He looks at him and lifts Cameron's balls with his toes. "Right there, that's my target", he says, and Cameron groans in anticipation of what's about to happen. Then Kyle drives his knee between Cameron's thighs, making his cock and balls bounce up as he screams out in pain. Bull's eye! (starts around 7:00)

Things to watch out for:
1. Nut grabbing. Kyle is a nut grabber, plain and simple. We lost count of how many times he grabs Cameron's junk, squeezes his balls and slaps his nuts. Wonderful!

2. The broom. Oh, we love it when the props for a scene get used to inflict ball pain! And Kyle sure knows how to use his broom stick to inflict just the right amount of pain in Cameron's sore balls.

Bottom line:
Who says a janitor's job is boring?!

4.5/5 nuts

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