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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Clip Review: Foot Fetish Doctor

Starring: Kyle and Cameron
Length: 11 mins
Price: $9.99

Male Feet

Kyle has a problem with his knee so he goes to see Doctor Cameron - who may or not be a real doctor. Well, let's just say we have our doubts... Maybe Kyle could have sensed that something is wrong if he had taken a closer look at the doc's clothes: Cameron is wearing nothing but a white coat and blue underwear,  and the flimsy boxers do very little to conceal the erection that's raging inside - apparently, the doctor loves his job... He has a very unusual approach: After telling Kyle some bogus story about pressure points and Eastern medicine and stuff, he makes Kyle suck and lick his toes (How's that going to cure Kyle's knee, doc?!) and massage his feet. It doesn't take long for the doctor to lose his coat and his underwear as Kyle worships his feet. We're not quite sure how this therapy works - but in the end, the pain in Kyle's knee is gone! Incredible! And of course, the doctor tells Kyle to schedule an appointment for a check-up... "See you in a couple of weeks", Cameron smiles when Kyle leaves. We're sure you are looking forward to that, doc!

Cameron is a foot man, that's for sure. He's clearly enjoying himself as his feet get worshiped by young Kyle. And the adorable patient does everything to make his doctor feel good.

Best moment:
After making Kyle lie down, Cameron takes off his underwear and sits down naked next to him. Kyle continues working his feet and toes, and the doctor enjoys it very much... (starts at 7:00)

Things to watch out for:
1.) Sounds of pleasure. Cameron seems to really enjoy the treatment Kyle is giving him: He moans and sighs, directing Kyle's action: "Such those toes... Now the little toes... Remember to tongue from bottom to top... Now do it slowly... Devour that big toe... Nice..."

2.) Miraculous recovery. After ten minutes of heavy foot action, Cameron asks, "So how's your knee doing?" - "I forgot about my knee", Kyle grins. "Yeah", Cameron sighs, "that's the trick, isn't it?" So this is how that therapy works...

Bottom line:
This patient is every doctor's dream...

4/5 nuts

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  1. So, no ball busting in this clip?

  2. Hey anonymous, thanks for your question! You are right. There's no ballbusting in this clip.