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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Clip Review: Wrestling in Underwear for Gas Money Part 2

Starring: Kyle and Cameron
Length: 10 mins
Price: $8.99


Kyle and Cameron are still at it and duking it out over who's going to have to lay out the cash for gas on the way home from the shoot (check out Part 1 to see how it all started).  Now that both boys are warmed up and limber, they really get in to it with each other to see who will a sparring match with each other to see who will submit first. Both Kyle and Cameron score some pretty solid blows on one another, but in the end, Cameron's balls are just too tough (and perhaps Kyle's are just two soft and delicate) and he ends up winning the day!  Kyle takes his loss pretty well and helps Cameron up off the mat and the two leave together as friendly as ever.

Acting is limited in this clip - that is to say, there really isn't much of a need.  It's all pretty straight-forward - they're two good looking guys, wrestling around and trading low blows in their underwear. Does it get better than that?  Does it need to?

Best moment:
At the 0:50 mark Kyle looks to be in a dominating position, straddling Cameron's chest and is just inches away from shoving his package in his face.  Cameron starts busting Kyle the only way he can, with his head!  "I'm head-butting your balls!"  Cameron shouts almost gleefully.  Then in a rapid reversal, Cameron manages to lift Kyle up off of him just enough to bring a fist up between the young twink's legs and jammed it in to his package, giving him a chance to escape.  Well played sir!

Things to watch out for:
1.) So many beautiful bulge shots.  Is there anything better than seeing a nice, juicy pair of nuts flop around inside a guy's underwear?  In this case we get to see two sets, and they look fantastic, and soooooo bustable.

2.) Cameron just keeps coming back for more.  There are several examples, but the best one starts at 7:00 Kyle tries to fight his way out of a headlock by reaching behind him and squeezing Cameron's gonads - but surprisingly Cameron seems to take it all in stride and keeps his grip on Kyle.  He doesn't even lose his boner!  It just keeps humming along, just like Cameron!

Bottom line:
This clip reminds me of what an ex coach used to say... youth and strength will always be conquered by wisdom and treachery... ;-)

4/5 nuts

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