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Friday, October 5, 2012

New Poll: Mr. September

September just flew by, didn't it? It can't already be time for a new Man of the Month poll, no, but wait, it is!

Pickings were a bit slim this time around (though, perhaps not as much as they were August), but we have two returning models in the contending for Mr. September.  For the JT fans out there, this is your shot to voting your guy in and knocking out our incumbent Man of the Month, Cameron - and for you Cameron fans out there, this is your chance to defend the title of a man who's put his own balls on the line LITERALLY DOZENS OF TIMES, just for your entertainment!

Here's a recap of the two clips that JT and Cameron appeared in, in the last few weeks.

JT and Cam Wrestle is as straight forward match of wills (and balls) between JT and Cameron.  No surprises here, but instead, a good old-fashioned contest of strength between two men who keep "going after the other guy's balls" on the table.

Love Triangle is a refreshing change of pace where two men use ball busting to reserve an age-old conflict - the mutual affections for the same girl.  Watch as first Cameron, and then later JT get owned as their balls are made to suffer as they are subjected to the full force of their rival.

Good luck boys, and let the best ball buster win!

The poll is open until October 31st!

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