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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Clip Review: Dr. Kincade Spanks Lance

Starring: Cameron and Lance
Length: 10 mins
Price: $9.99

Spanking M/M

Dr. Cameron Kincade has had them all: VanBrody, KyleJT, and every one of them got a healthy dose of butt spanking or foot worship by the good doctor - but now he has a very special pair of juicy buttocks walking into his office: Lance Hart himself, the mastermind behind Man Up, pays Dr. Kincade a visit for a quick check-up. Needless to say that the doctor takes advantage of him, refusing to sign off on the paperwork until he has spanked Lance's beautiful behind. He does it in therapeutical doses: First he slaps Lance's butt while he's wearing his jeans, then he makes him strip to his undies and continues, and after that - the grand finale of effective ass treatment - he spanks his naked butt until those cheeks are rosy red. In the end, the doctor tells Lance that he has already signed off on the paperworks so essentially all the pain has been in vain. But Lance is a good sport about it: "I got a red ass, you got me..." Oh yeah, he did...

As always, Cameron is great as kinky Dr. Kincade who gets off on humiliating his patients. And Lance is great as the patient who grudgingly allows the naughty quack to do what he wants to his butt. We love the CMNM (clothed male/naked male) aspect of these clips, by the way. The combination of the doctor in his suit and tie and the naked and vulnerable patient is pretty hot...

Best moment:
When Cameron makes Lance take off all his clothes, he has him bend over the examination table, inspects his ass and remarks "I've barely left a mark so far - we can change that!" And by God he does everything in his power to do so. The spanking gets harder and faster until Lance's butt is glowing. (starts at 6:50)

Things to watch out for:
1. No padding... Before Cameron starts to spank Lance's booty in his blue jeans, he takes Lance's wallet out of his back pocket, commenting "I don't want any padding." Oh, what a thoughtful thing to do!

2. Star butt! We know that we spend a lot of time swooning over Lance's porn star assets. And here we go again: That body is just perfect. He looks great in those jeans and he looks great in those grey undies - and he looks nothing short of fantastic naked. Oh, and that butt. When he's bent over naked, with his juicy ballsack swinging between his thighs we'd just love to be Dr. Kincade's assistants...

3. "Love that sound!" Cameron comments near the end of the clip when he slaps Lance's ass harder and harder. We do, too, doctor!

Bottom line:
That butt is made for spanking!

4/5 nuts

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