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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Clip Review: Love Triangle

Starring: Cameron and JT

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Length: 12 mins
Price: $10.99

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Length: 5 mins
Price: $5.99

Part 2
6 mins
Price: $6.99

JT comes to his buddy Cameron with an axe to grind.  He's just found out that Cameron's been drilling his ex-girlfriend, and though it might be over between the two of them, he's not keen on the idea of another dude banging her so soon after they've broken up.  He goes to Cameron to talk about it and in the course of asking him to break it off, he discovers a new stress-management technique - busting Cameron's balls!  It's a classic case of Bro's before hoes, only this time there's a decent chance that one of the "bro's" might actually lose his "boys".

In part 1, JT confronts Cameron with the information that he's been sleeping with his ex.  Cameron doesn't deny it, and quickly finds himself at the mercy of JT's wrath - which takes the form of over a dozen kicks, knees, and stomps to Cameron's philandering balls.  By the end of the clip, Cameron is nearly sobbing he's in so much pain, but can JT's anger be sated so easily?

In part 2, it's Cameron's turn to search out JT.  His obsession with his ex- (and Cameron's current-) girlfriend has gotten out of hand.  JT just can't seem to be able to move on, so it's left up to Cameron to make him see the light.  As they say, one good turn deserves another, and since JT showed little remorse when he busted Cameron's balls in their last meeting, Cameron takes a few plays out of the same exact game-plan and hammers JT in the balls until he gets the message.  It's over between him and his ex.  Now it's up to Cameron to dole out the 'stud service,' and if he doesn't figure that out soon, Cameron's kicks will ensure that he won't be able to bang anyone again for a long, long time...

The dialogue between Cameron and JT is quite good in these clips.  Anger and jealousy are two motivating factors that we probably all can relate to, and the boys convey those rather well.  The busting (particularly of JT) appears a bit light, but this is only his second time as a bustee.  No need to spook the horses... especially since we want him to come back and appear in more clips!

Best moment: 
This actually comes at the end of part 1 (approximately 5 minutes in) when JT is just stomping and grinding the hell out of poor Cameron's precious plums.  Cameron appears worn out, after having been busted so many times, and attempts to end JT's effort to ruin his sex-life, permanently, by jamming his foot up in to JT's brief-clad pouch.  After two attempts, it finally works and JT leaves in a huff, perfectly willing to dole out the ball busting, but not to receive any of it himself.

Things to watch out for:
1. Bulging buddies.  We didn't realize guys were showing up to gym wearing only their underwear.  It's great to see, but is this actually happening en mass?  If word got out, there'd probably be a mass influx of spectators coming more regularly to the gym.

2. A legitimate reason to bust balls. Sometimes this gets overlooked, but a solid plot is helpful for bb fantasy (as is true with any sort of fiction).  Revenge, betrayal, jealousy.  All huge motivating factors, and certainly worth busting another guy's balls over. ;-)

3. Ball busting therapy?  It's interesting, in part 1, JT busts Cameron's balls as a form of stress relief, and in part 2, Cameron busts JT's balls to drive home the point that he has to change his behavior.  In both cases, a guy is getting his gonads blasted, you might say, for the greater good.  What a concept!  Do therapists know about this technique????

Bottom line:
A solid amount of ball busting with a grounded plot line - the perfect combination for clip-based BB porn success!

Preview videos (provided by Lance himself over at ballbustingtube.com):

4.5/5 nuts

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  1. Yeah, finally something different! A str8 m/m ballbusting video with a good plot. Great! BUT you can't make a man bust another while the busted one just stays there and let the other have his way with him. It sounds fake. Now, we all know this is fiction, but a good fiction should be realistic. If someone busted your balls against your will you would react, fight back, try to escape. I hope next time Lance will use ropes, cuffs or other ways to restrain the busted guy, which should behave like he's suffering, humiliated and scared for what the other man is doing to his family jewels.