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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Clip Review: Business Man Foot Fest

Starring: Cameron and Lance

Length: 12 mins
Price: $10.99

Length: 10 mins
Price: $9.99

Male Feet

Lance and Cameron are two businessmen having a little talk before work. Lance takes a moment to admire Cameron's shoes and before they know it, both of them are sitting on a couch with Lance taking Cameron's shoes off, sucking on his toes and licking his feet. "I got a thing with feet", Lance admits. "I don't mind at all", Cameron smiles. "Feels good." Lance takes his time to give Cameron's toes the attention they deserve, and he makes sure that the sole of Cameron's feet don't feel left out, too. After footbathing Cameron's feet, things heat up a bit, and the two businessmen gradually take off their clothes. Cameron starts rubbing Lance's crotch with his foot, and soon Lance and Cameron are wearing nothing but their underwear, worshipping each others' feet. 
Part 2 begins with Lance naked and sporting a massive erection, and Cameron in his boxers: It's time for a good and proper foot fuck. Lance uses Cameron's feet to get himself off, pumping his rod in between those soles like there's no tomorrow. Cameron does his best to pleasure Lance, stroking his cock with his toes. The clip ends with Lance shooting a hot, creamy load of jizz while Cameron jerks his cock with both of his feet, and Cameron milking every last drop of cum out of him by squeezing his cock between his toes. 

It's not exactly the most realistic premise (it's been a while since we've witnessed two guys in business attire worshipping each others' feet on our way to work...) but that doesn't matter one bit. What matters are the visuals - and they are smoking hot! Lance and Cameron look fantastic going for each others' feet, pleasuring each other. The chemistry between them is fantastic and when Lance whips out his massive cock and starts fucking Cameron's feet, it's a sight to behold...

Best moment:
It's probably not a very big surprise that we love the cumshot... Lance's just cock looks fantastic between Cameron's feet as his creamy spunk spurts out of him. Pure porn gold. (part 2, starts at 9:20)

Things to watch out for:
1. Lance! It's Lance's first appearance in a Man Up clip since May! That's five months without him - and, oh, have we missed his energy and his sexy body. That ripped chest, those beautiful feet, those pendulous balls, and that awesome cock... Hmmm... It's so good to see him again...

2. Business as usual.  "So how is everything else in your office?" Lance asks while taking off his clothes. "Business as usual", Cameron replies. Oh yeah, like two horny suits making out with each others' feet, right?

3. Taking the lead. Lance is clearly the active part in this clip, using Cameron's feet for his own pleasure. It's good to see a man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it...

Bottom line:
Four words: Suits. Feet. Spunk. Delicious!

4.5/5 nuts - with a hefty batch of cream on the feet side.

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