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Monday, September 10, 2012

Clip Review: JT and Cam Wrestle

Starring: Cameron and JT

Full Clip
Length: 19 mins
Price: $16.99

Part 1                                 
Length: 10 mins
Price: $10.99

Part 2
9 mins
Price: $9.99

Wrestling and Ball Grabbing

Cameron is hanging around the local gym in his undies and he's spoiling for a fight.  Then when he spots JT, he challenges him to a sparring match.  When JT agrees, he sounds pretty confident, mentioning that he wrestled in high school for four years - but that doesn't intimidate Cameron in the slightest, and the two begin a match that will end in both boy's walking away with a sore set of nuts.

In part 1, Cameron and JT take their time, grappling back and forth as they probed for the other's weakness.  What won't be surprising to anyone who has seen Cameron's wrestling clips, his favorite exposed point to go after is his opponents balls.  He goes easy on JT at first, only occasionally smooshing his balls during a hold or a flip.  But by the mid way point, Cameron starts going after JT's manhood in earnest, and in the last minute of the first clip, Cameron delivers two extremely effective nut-holds on JT which basically knock the poor stud out of commission. If the look on JT's face could be summarized in one word in that moment, it'd probably be horror...

In part 2, Cameron suggests they have a second round - to which JT agrees, only this time, things are different.  Cameron isn't timid at all about going after JT's nuts now and he spends half of the clip with his hand around JT's balls (and the other half, trying to put his hand on JT's prized plums).  At least this time, JT is somewhat ready for him, and scores some decent squeezes of his own on Cameron's nuts.

By the end, the two boys are cringing and holding their balls in agony, but who's the winner?  You decide.  If anyone comes out on top of this one, it's probably us.  After all, we're getting to watch two good looking guys go at it, grinding each other's nuts in to mincemeat from behind the safety of our computers.  Ahhhh, isn't living in the 21st century just grand?

The action in these wrestling clips are great and often come across very genuine.  That being said, this clip doesn't exactly break new ground, but if you're a fan of Lance's wrestling clips and want to see a new stud, such as JT, get down and dirty, then this is probably the right clip for you.  Dialogue is a bit sparse, but that's not a bad thing in this sort of clip, and the action between Cameron and JT in this is great!

Best moment: 
There's a ton of ball squeezing in this clip set, and quite a few tasty string of seconds in which either Cameron or JT (and occasionally both at the same time) are getting their balls thoroughly squeezed, but the best moment is in the last 30 seconds of part 2, when both boys are on their back and panting with exhaustion.  Cameron is folded over, nursing his nuts after just having gone through the ringer with some mutual ball grinding action and regards JT, "I guess I shouldn't have shown you that one."  Hmmm, that's probably true.  Cameron's not the only buster in town, so he better watch out from now on!

Things to watch out for:
1. Midway through Part 1, once the boys have really started to get warmed up and JT really starts to wrestle a bit more aggressively.  "You're faster than I expected.  You getting a little angry?"  Cameron asks.  The next thing we know, Cameron manages to flip JT on his back and grabs a handful of JT's bulging basket and squeezes saying, "you're not gonna like that then."  His groan suggests that Cameron is right.  Starts near 4:50 in Part 1.

2. Just around the 6:15 mark in Part 2, Cameron gives JT a hard, long squeeze that leaves him panting and groaning in pain.  Then, when Cameron finally lets go and rolls over, we get to see JT gingerly rubbing the soreness from his balls.  Guess Cameron must have really gotten a good grip that time. ;-)

3. Bulging nuts everywhere!  There's a lot of ball squeeing in these two clips, and we get to see both Cameron and JT's nuts get yanked, pancaked, and squished all over the place.  :-) Does it get any better than that?

Bottom line:
If you like man-on-man wrestling and good, friendly ball grinding between friends, then these are the clips for you!

4/5 nuts

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