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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Poll Results: What Kind Of Roles Do You Like In A BB Clip?

Last month we asked for your preferences when it comes to the roles the models play in a ballbusting clip. Almost 200 people took part in our poll. Thank you for telling us your opinion!

And here are the results:

Enemies 38%
Brothers 35%
Friends 30% 

Competitors 27%
Dad & Son 22%

Teacher & Pupil 18%
Trainer & Trainee 17%
Master & Slave 16%
Superhero & Villain 15% 
Doctor & Patient 14% 
Lovers 14%

Something else 7%

It's an interesting result: There is no overwhelming majority for any of the choices, but enemies, brothers and friends are at the top of the list, each of them scoring in the 30s. Competitors and the combination of dad and son are in the 20s. The rest of the choices is fairly close together between 14% and 18%.

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