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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Clip Review: Trapped In The Nut House

Starring: Cameron and Lance

Length: 7 mins
Price: $7.99

Length: 7 mins
Price: $7.99

Busting Intensity: Intense 

Ballbusting (part 1)
Male feet (part 2)

The rules are pretty simple in this nut house: Do what the doctor tells you or you'll never get out. Unfortunately for Lance who is lying handcuffed in a padded cell, Dr. Cameron Kincade has a serious ballbusting fetish. "I just love fucking with prisoners", Dr. Kincade tells the poor patient, "call it an occupational hazard..." He starts busting Lance's balls with a couple of light kicks and stomps, grinding his sneaker clad foot into Lance's bulge. The kicks get harder, and Lance's screams get louder. Dr. Kincade lifts his patient up and abuses him with knees, punches and hard kicks occasionally taking the time to grab his balls and squeezing hard. He takes Lance's jeans off and busts his balls in his boxer shorts. Lance's junk bounces up and down in his underwear as the good doctor drives his knee into his crotch. A couple of grabs, squeezes, punches and kicks later, Dr. Kincade realizes that Lance sports a boner - which encourages him to kick even harder, making Lance scream in pain and double over. "Take a rest!" the doctor says, shoving Lance to the floor.
In Part 2, Lance is still handcuffed and dressed in just his boxers. And now it's time for another one of Dr. Kincade's kinky fetishes: The doctor sits on a chair, rubbing his stinky socks all over Lance's face. "I don't know what's worse, this or the ballbusting", Lance moans as the doctor laughs. Lance gags as his mouth is filled with the doctor's foot. After a bit of asphyxiation play ("You can't breath at all, can you?" the doc laughs), the doctor takes off his socks and makes Lance lick his bare feet. Lance is a good little toe-sucker and works the doctor's toes good, slurping on his toes one by one. The doctor returns the favor, savoring the taste of Lance's feet as the patient moans in pleasure. It doesn't long and the patient is hooked. "Come on, doctor", Lance moans when the doc takes his toes out of his mouth. And the doctor is happy: "I think I'm gonna keep you", he grins before he leaves the room.

Maybe the idea of a doctor using a patient as his play thing isn't new - but Cameron and Lance make this one of the best clips in this setting. They both obviously enjoy what they're doing, and it shows: This may be one of the best doctor/patient clips that Man Up has ever published.

Best moment:
In part 1, after Cameron has taken off Lance's jeans, he squeezes Lance's balls hard before sending a couple of hard kicks between Lance's thighs. His sneaker-clad foot makes Lance's junk jump up, and you can see from the look on Lance's face that Cameron hit a bull's eye. Lance squirms and groans, and Cameron kicks his nuts hard a few more times. (starts at 6:28)

Things to watch out for:
1. Erections. Two of them, to be exact. In part 1 it's Lance who sports a woody that's plainly visible in his boxer shorts. Apparently, the patient loves the pain... And in part 2, it's Cameron who can't hide his excitement: When he gets up at the end of the clip, having tongue-bathed Lance's foot, there's a neat little tent in his trousers...

2. Hard kicks. There's a cut in part 1. Maybe Lance told his co-star that he could go even harder with the ballbusting? Be that as it may, after the cut Cameron bashes Lance's balls with a couple of nice, hard kicks that made us squirm in our seats and squirt in our pants...

Bottom line:
Say goodbye to your nuts when you're trapped in the nut house...

5/5 nuts

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