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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Clip Review: Evil Spanking Villain

Starring: Cameron and Lance

Length: 6 mins
Price: $6.99

Length: 6 mins
Price: $6.99

Spanking M/M

The life of a super villain is dreadful - when you are not at your desk creating ingenious plans to threaten world leaders you have to deal with your boneheaded henchmen, you have to make sure that you secret lair is nice and tidy, you have to remember to collect your super-villainous spandex suit from the laundry and so on and so on. Dreadful! But every now and then, there's a little moment of happiness to brighten your day. Like when some unsuspecting stranger stumbles into your lair and gets caught in one of your evil contraptions. Lance is the unlucky fellow who finds himself at the mercy of Cameron Kincaide, dressed only in a pair of skimpy boxer briefs. Spandex clad super villain Cameron immediately takes advantage of him and starts spanking his tight young behind until Lance is pleading for mercy. "Beg!" Cameron shouts and laughs his evil laugh, slapping poor Lance's cheeks with his gloved hands. "Keep begging!" After a couple of minutes he peels down Lance's underwear, exposing his perfectly round bubble butt. Lance's cheeks bounce with every slap as Cameron lets his hands do the talking... In part two, Cameron has set up a spider web with Lance's hands tangled in it. Lance is stark naked, and his cheeks are shiny red. The spanking continues and Cameron rubs his gloved hands over Lance's perfect butt between hard, resounding slaps until it is red and sore. Lance's ass looks just fantastic and Cameron takes great delight in punishing his poor victim's behind with hard slaps as Lance moans and groans in pain. He tries to pretend that he wants to elicit some kind of information from Lance - but frankly, we don't buy that. We're sure he just enjoys spanking butt and taking a break from all that dreadful supervillain business...

Even if the premise might sound a bit far-fetched, Cameron and Lance make it work. They are great in their respective roles: Cameron as the butt spanking master villain who laughs manically as he relentlessly slaps his victim's ass, and Lance as the innocent everyman who inexplicably finds himself at the mercy of a merciless ass spanker. A great combination!

Best moment:
In part 2 we get a great visual when the camera is on the ground, filming from a low angle. Lance's ass shakes as Cameron slaps it and we catch a glimpse of Lance's ballsack hanging between his spread thighs. It looks fantastic. Cameron rubs and kneads Lance's sore, red butt between hard slaps and grunts with enjoyment. (starts at 5:25) 

Things to watch out for:
1. A body to die for! We'll never get tired of singing the praise for Lance's glorious behind. It is just perfect. But even though Lance's butt is the central attraction in this clip, our eyes kept wandering over the rest of Lance's body: his muscular legs, his perfect back. Heaven must be missing an angel's body!

2. Villainous laughter! Cameron has a great time playing the villain in this clip, and he has gotten himself a deep, maniacal laugh that fits perfectly. It may be old-school, but it works!

Bottom line:
Don't get tangled in a villain's web or your ass will suffer the consequences!

4/5 nuts

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