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Friday, July 13, 2012

Clip Review: Pimping Ain't Easy Part 1

Starring: Cameron and Brody
Length: 9 min
Price: $9.99 

Brody is the manager/front man for the local massage parlor that's doubling as a mob-run whore house, but in these uncertain economic times even prostitution isn't paying the way it used to!  As emissary to "the boss," Cameron is there to check the books and decides that the problem is with the management!  Brody is put on the spot to come up with some money making ideas quick, and to make sure Brody knows he means business, he offers a little incentive by giving the young stud a few sturdy blows below the belt.  Luckily for Brody, he manages to think quickly and suggests a plan that Cameron likes.  Of course, that doesn't stop Cameron from driving the point home, by driving his knee right in to Brody's gonads!  Brody swears he gets the message, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens in part 2...

This is Brody's first appearance on Man Up in which he appears with seasoned pro, Cameron.  Once again, Cameron takes on the role as "the buster" which he handles beautifully.  We (and perhaps Cameron himself) may not have realized how well he'd take to ball busting when he first started working with Lance, but it's obvious now... the man's a natural!  And Brody looks quite promising as well.  Tall, lean and muscular.  He seems a bit quiet even, and has just a hint of a lisp that could send some men (and women too) over the moon for him.  He does a great job at taking his licks from Cameron, and while a few are rather soft, there are some solid knee strikes thrown in to the mix, for which he handles very well!  Hopefully we'll get to see more (both of Brody's acting, and a bit more skin!)  We're expecting great things from that young lad, GREAT THINGS!

Best moment:
Starting at 4:00 Cameron comes out with it.  If they don't come up with a solution, his balls are on the line with the boss - which isn't an option. "I'm not losing a ball... but you on the other hand..." Cameron says after grinding his foot in to Brody's fat package... Well, what do you expect when you work in a whore house and you're employed by the mob!  Who are you going to complain to, OSHA?

Things to watch out for:
 1.) Did you see that bulge? Perhaps it's a sign of bad taste, but throughout the clip we couldn't help but notice that Brody appears to be packing some heat down there in his jeans.  It's always nice to see a fresh face, but it really sweetens the deal when they're tall, handsome, and, um....  hung...  *cough*

2.) Brody's towering physique.  Well, this one might seem obvious, but one of the staples of the bb genre is the idea of having a big guy dominated by getting hit in the balls.  Now, we're not saying that Cameron is small, or that his musculature is any less impressive, but there's just something really hot about watching a shorter, lean guy own a big stud like Brody!

Bottom line:
If you want a solid bb clip where one good looking guy busts the balls of another good looking guy, then look no farther!!!!

Preview video (provided by Lance himself over at ballbustingtube.com)

4.5/5 nuts

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