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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Clip Review: Ballbusting for Justice Superheroes

Starring: Brody and Cameron
Length: 11 mins
Price: $9.99

Every superhero has a weakness. Sometimes it's a radioactive element (Superman's kryptonite), sometimes it's a deadly foe (Batman's Joker), sometimes it's an evil doppelganger (Darkwing Duck's Negaduck) - and sometimes, plain and simple, it's any man's Achilles' heel: Those damn, dangly, oh-so-destructible testicles, a superhero's most prized possession. What good is rescuing a damsel in distress if you can't boink her senseless afterwards because your balls have been bruised and battered by some rude arch villain? Ach, all those missed chances... We meet our superheroes, the White Spider (Brody) and the Blue Badger (Cameron) in the gym - and they are just not happy with their weak balls. "Why don't we do a little training on that area?" the Badger suggests. After all, they wanna join this League of Superheroes, and their reputations are at stake here! What a great idea! So the two of them start hard trading kicks, knees and slaps to each other's groins. The Badger goes first, throwing some mean kicks and knees into the Spider's junk. When the Spider objects that the hits are too hard, the Badger replies wisely, "I don't think the criminal will be too nice..." And so the ball-shattering continues with plenty of nice, hard kicks that connect with their thinly veiled targets until the Spider sinks down to the ground. Oh, and our two superheroes' bulges look great in those spandex costumes, by the way. After some nice grinding action, they switch roles and it's the Spider's turn to bash the Badger's balls. Knee after knee after knee after knee meets the poor Badger's balls until he is panting and clutching his crotch. When the Spider grinds down on the Badger's balls, the Badger cries out, "It's worth it!", and the Spider replies, "Whatever it takes..." while squishing the Badger's balls under his foot. The training continues, with the Badger huffing and puffing, until our superheroes are too exhausted to carry on... We have no doubt that those superhero sperm containers are well-prepared for the next battle, and they'll make a lot of damsels very, very happy...

Did we mention that Cameron and brody look pretty hot in those superhero costumes? They really do, and it makes us want to get rescued right away... And we have to admit that we have a soft spot for silly plots - we absolutely love the way Cameron and Brody tackle the delightfully goofy premise. For example, Brody's short story about his encounter with a villain who kicked his nuts and flew away is just priceless...

Best moment:
After countless straight-forward kicks and knees, our superheroes decide to work on some combinations. The Blue Badger holds some hook and jab pads and the White Spider practices his hooks and jabs, throwing in some sudden kicks and knees to the Badger's balls.  (starts at 8:10)

Things to watch out for:
1.) Well-adjusted. Did you know that superheroes are freeballing in their costumes? It's very nice to see the White Spider adjust his junk a couple of times so that his balls are front and center... And apparently he has to adjust it, too, when he's the one dealing out the pain. Could it be that the White Spider's weakness is also his secret pleasure zone? Oh, those naughty little superheroes!

2.) Holy bouncy balls! It's a true delight to see the impact of Cameron's knees on Brody's balls. His bulge bounces up with each knee and kick, proving that the training is very effective...

Bottom line:
This training should be mandatory for all new superhero recruits!

Preview video (provided by Lance himself over at ballbustingtube.com)

4.5/5 nuts

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