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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Clip Review: Bad Doctor Worse Intern

Starring: Cameron and Brody
Length: 11 mins
Price: $9.99

Spanking M/M

Oh my, Brody has really fucked it up! He is the intern at a hospital - and he's been behaving badly. Very badly. The nurses, the interns and the doctors have complained about him - Dr. Marx even refused to work with him one day! This is unacceptable, of course, so Dr. Cameron Kincade calls Brody in on his day off. "I'm gonna give you a spanking", the doc tells Brody. "A spanking?!" Brody replies incredulously. Well, it's either that or he'll lose his internship. Brody is mortified. "I guess I'll do what I gotta do", he says. "I guess I'll take the spanking." Good boy. Dr. Kincade has him strip down to his boxers and lean over his knee, his bare ass exposed. "It's meant to be a little demeaning so you don't make the same mistakes again", the doc grins. Oh, and it sure is demeaning! Cameron spanks Brody's behind at a steady pace until his cheeks are good and red while verbally humiliating him: "I am a doctor, and you are trying to be a doctor. But here we are. I'm spanking you like you just got a bad report card from middle school..." Poor Brody. That's gonna leave a mark! We're pretty sure that Brody will not forget this...

And in the second part of the clip we learn that, indeed, he hasn't forgotten it... He turns up at the doc's office and kidnaps him. Apparently, there's a cute little psychopath hiding behind the facade of the unruly intern... The doc finds himself in Brody's house, all chained up and bare naked, ready for a good spanking... "Remember me?" Brody says menacingly. Oh yeah, the doctor does! And now it's payback time! "All that spanking and humiliation you put me through? Now it's my turn!" And revenge is sweet... It seems like Brody is a natural born spanker, making Cameron howl and cry out in pain as he slaps his ass hard until he promises he won't spank any intern ever again. Cameron is crying in pain and humiliation but Brody makes sure he gets the message before letting the broken doctor go...

It's a perfect combination: Cameron as the solemn doctor (and a pitiful mess in the second part) and Brody as the bratty intern (with hints of a ice-cold cruelty in part 2). They are fantastic in their respective roles - both of them playing it straight, and taking the (let's face it) pretty hilarious premise seriously. There is not a single line in the dialogue (much of it feeling improvised) that rings false. Great job!

Best moment:
This clip brings out the best in Cameron. He's great as the spanking doctor - which makes it even better when the tables are turned and he is on the receiving end of the spanking... He howls and cries as Brody smacks his poor buttocks. Poor doctor... (The howling and crying starts around 7:55)

Things to watch out for:
1.) Nice ass! There are a lot of qualities that we like in Brody (and we haven't even seen all of him, yet), but one of his most impressive assets has to be his beautiful behind. Who would have thought that a guy like Brody has such a spankable ass? It's smooth and silky, and it looks great when Cameron slaps it. Mmmmmmm....

2.) Nice smile! Brody has a very boyish charm, and it looks like he's on the verge of cracking up several times in the first part of the clip. Mind you, he never breaks character - it's just that hint of a smile now and then that makes him look pretty irresistible... :-))

3.) Nice technique! We are seriously impressed by Brody's spanking skills. That guy throws a mean hand! No wonder Cameron's crying after just a couple of swats...

Bottom line:
Our favorite color scheme: Crimson cheeks beneath white coats...

4.5/5 nuts

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