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Monday, January 6, 2014

Clip Review: Superman Gets Ballbusted

Starring: Cameron and Lance

Part 1 
Length: 9 mins 
Price: $9.99 

Part 2 
Length: 15 mins 
Price: $12.99 

Full Clip 
Length: 24 mins 
Price: $19.99

Busting Intensity: Intense

The Man Up! guys are back with a ballbusting clip - and what a great clip this one is! Lance Hart stars as Superman who encounters his arch-enemy Dr. Kincade at the evil doctor's practice. The doctor tries to fight him off with a couple of well-placed knees to his bulging crotch that make his junk bounce up and down - but Superman just shrugs them off. After all, he is the Man of Steel, and apparently that applies to his babymakers as well... But evil Dr. Kincade has an ace up his sleeve: A tiny portion of Kryptonite. Not enough to kill our favourite superhero - but enough to subdue him.

Dr. Kincade treats Superman to a couple of knees and punches before he violently squeezes Superman's juicy meatballs. We get a great look at his bulging privates as they are kneaded between the kinky doctor's fingers. The ensuing fight includes vicious squeezes, slaps and punches. "Your balls are mine, Superman!" the doctor sneers before Superman leg-scissors him almost into unconciousness. But the doctor manages to get the upper hand, squishing and squeezing Superman's nads, and bringing him down with a couple of well-placed knees and stomps to his weakened genitals.

"What a joke", the doctor laughs, as he squishes and squashes, kneads, twists and slaps Superman's nuggets with his bare hand. Finally, Dr. Kincade makes Superman pass out from all the Kryptonite. Superman wakes up chained to the wall in Dr. Kincade's secret lair - and this is where the action really gets going...

Dr. Kincade presents our hapless superhero with a Kryptonite Cock Ring. Oh, the evil doctor is up to no good! He yanks Superman's impressive cock and his juicy balls out of his uniform, and pushes them through the ring (Dr. Kincade: "How does that feel?" - Superman: "Not so super..."). Let us tell you: Superman's naked, exposed junk is a sight for sore eyes - and as far as sore bodyparts go, those big suckers are in for a treat...

Dr. Kincade continues kicking and kneeing Superman's balls which are kept front and center inside his spandex by the cock ring. The squeezes are what hurts poor Superman the most - and they look fabulous in close-up! We see his nuts bulge between the doctor's fingers, and his cock grow harder and harder... It makes for rather a fascinating visual as his prominent bulge (with his cock and his nuts perfectly outlined in the red spandex) bounces from kicks and slaps and bulges between the squeezing fingers as the doctor continues to abuse Supermen's most prized possessions.

The doctor continues to yank, flick, slap, squeeze and stomp Superman's balls before he starts with phase two of his vicious plan: "I want your seed!" Dr. Kincade wants Supermans superspunk to create an army for himself. Oh, poor Superman. The evil doctor strokes Superman's hard supercock , throwing in some squeezes, slaps and punches while our hapless superhero's cock is hard as a rock. Finally, the doctor coaxes out a nice, big batch of creamy supersperm. Superman is defeated, his cock dripping with cum - but the doctor isn't finished. He chuckles as he locks Superman's cock into a metal Kryptonite chastity cage ("I don't want you wasting your seed for anybody else to create an army of their own..."), leaving him spent and sore and chained to the wall...

And we can't wait to see the sequel...

Christopher Reeves? Brandon Routh? Oh, please! Lance Hart is the perfect Superman. He looks dashing and heroic - until Cameron Kincade's vicious Doctor busts his balls and milks him dry. We have never seen a sexier super hero!

Best moment:
It's hard to choose the best moment. The squeezing scenes are absolutely delicious - but the sloppy handjob takes the cake. Lance's cock looks perfect, shiny and juicy, and his sperm-filled balls are just aching to give up that superload... Hmmm... (starts at 17:13)

Things to watch out for:
1. Two more minutes... After almost six minutes of fighting and getting his balls busted, Superman breaks character and asks the cameraman "How long is it?" He doesn't look too happy at the prospect of emduring two more minutes of ballbashing to complete the first part - and we can't blame him. His balls really suffer in this clip, but he takes it like a (Super)man.

2. Wiggling junk. The Superman costume is perfect, allowing Lance's ample junk just enough room to wiggle and bounce with every blow and squeeze while being tight enough to outline his balls and his dick for us to enjoy. Hooray for the costume makers!

3. Ready for your close-up, superman? There are tons of juicy close-ups of Lance's genitalia getting abused, but the best one has to be at 16:12 when Cameron singles out Lance's nuts and gives each of them the attention they deserve. Ouch!

Bottom line:
Let's hope nobody saves Superman so we get a brutal, juicy sequel...

5/5 nuts - with a spunky batch of delicious superhero cream.

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