Disclaimer: We're just two fans who are really excited about the work of Lance Hart. We don't profit in any way from the sales of his clips, nor do we have any creative power regarding his work. Except for the power of fandom, of course...

Monday, March 4, 2013

Taking A Break

It's been more than a year since we started this blog to celebrate the work of Lance Hart, fetish enthusiast and mastermind behind the Man Up! clip store. His studio broke new ground when he started producing high-quality male-on-male ballbusting clips with insanely hot guys and fierce action.

Derek (l) recovering from Lance's hits in
Wanna Come Play With Man Up
We have written more than 150 blog posts over the course of the last twelve months, and we enjoyed sharing our enthusiasm for Lance's work with you. When we started in February 2012 we never imagined that this blog would be so popular...

Lance (r) introducing Johnny and his marvelous set of
marbles in Another New Recruit - Johnny Big Nuts

You have probably noticed that in the last couple of months the updates have taken more time, sometimes there were a couple of weeks before we published a review after the clip had been added to Lance's site. It's not that we have become lazy - it's just that there have been a couple of changes in our personal lives that  made finding the time to write more difficult. Our day jobs have taken up more and more of our time, and we feel that it's gotten increasingly hard to do justice to Lance's phenomenal work.

So we have decided to take a break. Maybe we'll write a review now and then, but we can't carry on reviewing every clip that Lance published.

We'll stay fans of his work, and we hope you will, too! Thank you for your support!

And now go and see Lance's newest adventures at Man Up!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Poll Results: Mr. January

The polls are closed, the votes are counted! Thanks to everyone who voted for their favorite model for the month of January. And without further ado, here are the results:

Lance 24%
Cameron 33%
Jake 43%

Congratulations, Jake! We're glad you are back and we hope you'll team up with Lance again, soon!

Jake in Ballbusting In The Streets
And to celebrate Jake's victory, here are a couple of Jake's most recent clips:

Ballbusting In The Streets

Taking Advantage Foot Fetish
Read our review.
Get the clip now from lance's Man Up! clip store.

Mutual Foot Worship Jake And Cameron